Casa Vecchio Mulino

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Grissini since 1860

Who we are

Casa Vecchio Mulino - Grissini

GRISSINI since 1860

The origins

The origins of our family of bakers date back to 1860 , the year in which our great-grandfather Giacomo Bertolone opened his first oven in Pino Torinese, a hilltop town in the Chierese area in the province of Turin, already renowned at that time for its breadsticks rubatà . In a short time, great-grandfather Giacomo's breadsticks became famous throughout the Turin area, so much so that we were told that long lines of customers waited for the daily baking of the rubatà and it is said that the scent coming out of the oven and the shop could be smelled even from a distance hundreds of meters.

Over the years we have had the opportunity to learn from descendants of some important personalities belonging to the gastronomic scene of Turin, that even before the unification of Italy, grandfather Giacomo's rubata breadsticks appeared on the tables of the most prestigious families of Turin.

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Grandfather Oreste and mother Carla

At the end of 1900 his artisan activity was passed on to his nine children and each individually continued the tradition of baking. Among these our grandfather Oreste, who in 1925 opened his first bakery in Buttigliera d'Asti, moving in the years before the war to Carmagnola, where the building adjacent to the town's mill was chosen as the site of the new laboratory.

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Mattia and his team

The art of making breadsticks was subsequently passed down to us by our mother, mother Carla, so much so that the activity continued to her sons Fabrizio, Federico and Roberto. Today it is Mattia , who, maintaining the foundations of tradition, aims to increasingly improve the products.


Beyond Italy

The high craftsmanship and typicality of our rubatà breadstick has allowed us to be able to offer our products to important foreign importers worldwide (United States, Australia, Japan and Europe) of gourmet products and we understood that our breadstick could cross borders to bring a piece of Piedmontese tradition to tables all over the world.

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